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What is your favourite Metal Gear Solid Squad (FOXHOUND, Dead Cell, etc.) and why?
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Cobra Unit because it’s the most diverse and had some truly unique encounters in the series. The amount of easter eggs and quirks in The End’s fight alone is amazing.

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Any chance there will ever be a Manly Badass Hero dakimakura?
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I plan to cosplay as a Daki someday, so indirectly yes.

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To achieve manly success and badassery, how does one reach it while avoiding to be the Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
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You can’t, you accept what you are and that others will be jealous causing anime misunderstandings and rivalries. You then begin to take everything in life less seriously and live day by day. I call this the “Goku” affect.

Quite a few anime leads seem to be infected with this disease actually.

P.S. Watch Kamen Rider Kabuto to see this in full force.

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Yukisada and Lowrie exchange eyeballs.
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i think i horribly misunderstood you there anon

Actually, I was the anon here OTL

You were wanting for some asks related to Yukisada, so I just threw in this dumb ask. (This was before I knew of the “Yukisada’s arm” trend going on)

Lowrie and Yukisada have the same eyes, so I was also wondering how you were going to answer it ^^;

Sorry for the dumb ask :’D

When I see this image I can’t help but imagine the conversation going, “Hey, eye got you something.”, “Oh really? Eye got you something too.”

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Posted 3 days ago

Super Delusion! Super Akiba Red!

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Dear Manly senpai! I am on my way to become a Manly Badass Her just like you! But I have a question, where and how can I procure the liquid Anime Sterotypes to drink?
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Open a portal to an action anime, overpower the lead character and get past their plot armor, drain two vials of their blood, combine with official merchandise of that aforementioned character in a blender, initiate a 40 episode training arc as the concoction ferments, drink only after being beat to near death in a fight with your arch enemy and having your shirt totally cashed out, bring out boombox to play your themesong as you proceed to overpower the enemy.

And that’s how you acquire liquid anime stereotypes.

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mister manly, at what level does one unlock your tragic back story?
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You’ve got to use the GameShark to get your level over the cap then make sure you’re on the Extra route which you can only get by rejecting the other routes and tripping the right flags. You’ll know you’ve done it right when the UI changes color and the title screen is different.

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Have you ever thought “Hey! this game would be really nice in my fancy PS Vita!” — well, you’re in luck! VA-11 HALL-A is going PS Vita thanks to the folks at Wolfgame who will take care of the port shenanigans.

More details to come soon but what I can say right now is that we are going to take advantage of some of the Vita hardware for super cool (and optional) bartending gimmicks and features exclusive to this version.


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whats the first VN you played and what is your favorite?
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I don’t really remember what the first VN I played was, it might have been Tsukihime but I’m sure I played some others before that.

My favorite was probably Fate/Stay Night, not because it’s the best I’ve read but just because I really like Emiya Shirou’s character development across all the routes and the culmination with Kotomine. It was such a long translation project too that there was a lot of excitement at the time whenever a patch got released and the drama over the UBW route leak made it just an interesting time.