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Manly, are you going to play any more Corpse Party fangames for your channel? Or are you waiting for them to be finished first?
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I usually wait for a game to be finished and just play the demo privately. If I get a open schedule there’s a good chance you’ll see me replay the original Corpse Party to replace my old deleted playthrough.

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Do you have any plans to record Peret em Heru: For the Prisoners? Not only would I love to see you play it, but that game still doesn't have footage of all the different outcomes on Youtube even though it was translated a while ago, which is a shame, since the game looks really neat.
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It’s on the back of my mind but I need to play it to see if I like it. Once Evil Within and Alien Isolation clear out I’ll be going through various games to decide what to do next.

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excuse me but where can i order a chibi manly??
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Chibi Manlys only exist when I eat one of those shrinking mushrooms from Smash Bros.

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Because everyone needs a chibi Manly Badass Hero…

Posted 3 days ago
ManlyBadassHero plays Yanderella (and is probably going to die)
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the two top weaknesses I have are: really nice voices, and scarves

unfortunately manly has both

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I’ve been meaning to make fan art for him for time now. Plus it’s a nice change from the other fan art I’ve been making lately. 

Anyways, this guy is pretty neat. I quite enjoy watching his videos because not alone does he find indie games that really haven’t made main stream yet but also some of the popular ones as well. And what I think makes he stand out the most is the fact he focuses most of his attention and commentary toward the game, whether it’s in his witty jokes or insightful observations. So you learn a lot more about the game than you would have thought was there. 

I’ll leave a link of his channel here if you feel like checking him out.

Posted 4 days ago
Manly, do you have a 3D waifu? That's not your dakimakuras.
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I own at least 44 individual figures, not counting ones made by western companies if that’s what you’re asking.

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smells like plastic and failure

Posted 6 days ago
H-hey Manly, how was your day? Have you ever thought of crossdressing as a maid?
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Are you asking me to get maid up?