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Manly-Sempai, what advice would you give a girl so she could turn into a Manly Badass Hero of Justice Weeaboo? Someone already considers me a Weeaboo, does this help any? I also watch Korean Dramas.
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Just be and accept yourself for who you are and have confidence in it, unless yourself revolves around slapping random people on the street with fish. You may need to rethink your life choices then. (Exception is if you have a tragic backstory involving fish and you’ve begun a life of crime fighting and now call yourself the Fish Slapper)

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What do you think about Crisis Core?
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Decent enough game, not as bad as Dirge of Cerberus writing wise. Still represents how FFVII’s atmosphere and mood radically changed for the worse and retcons change a lot of the tragedy behind certain scenes turning them from events where things just went horribly wrong to “Epic Last Stands Zwee Zwee” fights due to power level creep.

It’s kind of like how people compare Darth Vader’s final fight and simplicity and raw emotion of it compared to the flashy over the top fights of the prequels. Sometimes in scripting and pace less is more.

On another subject despite FF Versus having the newer Square-Enix style I’m still hyped for it as the open world kind of gives me the comfy feeling the PS1 era games gave when you explored them.

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my carriage

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Out of all the games you've played ,what's your top three?
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Games in General,  FFVII, God Hand, Vtmb.

Games on my channel, OFF, Undertale’s Demo (If you count it), Wadanohara. Not counting Demos then I’d replace Undertale with Ib.

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Manly senpai why have I not noticed you (your tumblr) before?!?! Also do you have any game(s) that you strongly disliked/regretted playing?
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Dirge of Cerberus is the only game that wasn’t some outright awful shovelware movie tie in game that I will forever regret playing.

I have some awful NES games that have probably appeared on AngryVideoGameNerd but I wouldn’t count them since they didn’t exactly have a big name behind them or a seal of quality to uphold.

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What were your first experiences with the internet? You always seem to get every reference in video games, especially in creppeypasta land. Are you one of those people that started using the internet since the very beggining?
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Started using the net in the mid to late 90s hunting cheat codes for PS1 & Genesis/SNES games. Eventually that became downloading awful quality anime episodes and mp3s from Kazaa. During this time I started hanging around Gamefaq’s boards including LUE. Eventual transition to Newgrounds then 4chan in 2004 with some SA lurking on the side.

When the /x/ board was created I used to lurk around and read some of these stories although some weren’t created on /x/. They used to have threads that weren’t really creepy pastas but just people wandering somewhere taking photos too. Things that were just odd or out of place, sometimes probably set up by the thread starter but still kind of fun to follow.

As far as pop culture in general I’ve never really drawn a line genre wise for anything so I know too much about too many things. If you check my music playlist I have rap, metal, electronica, classical, etc in there while game wise I love RPGs and strategy but I was a “Cyber Athlete” for Call of Duty at one point in my life, just to cite a contrasting example.

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Frame by Frame of Lamb’s Rakugaki ①


Because the original is too long. Warning for long post ahead.


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Original work (deleted) by Mogeko / Deep-Sea Prisoner.

Translation and typesetting by ✿縁❀ / seichiinara.

※Permission to translate and upload was granted by the artist.

Note: 魔王(maou)means Devil.

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If you had to choose one, would you rather dress as a maid, a magical girl, or a playboy bunny?
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I’d be a maid who is a mahou shoujo wearing a bunny ear headband.

And a scarf.

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What if (con or real life) you encountered people who cosplayed as Freddy Frazzbear's crew of animatronic nightmares, and without even having a chance to react, take off their heads to reveal Mogekos looking at you with perverted glares and freakish tongues?
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Sounds like a radical party.